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Founded by Alexandra Miller, Santé offers a variety of services to encourage wellness and healing from the inside out. Some of our services include wellness consultations, yoga and pilates classes, face and body endermologie treatments, and mindfulness classes. New to well? Don't worry! Our expert, Alexandra can guide you through every step of the way. Our goal is to provide you tools you can use to reduce stress and increase your energy and vitality. See for yourself the amazing transformations that can happen by applying our concepts to your life.

Alexandra is originally from France although she's lived in Japan, Malta, and St. Barths for extended periods of time and now lives in California. That experience of growing up in various cultures made her a passionate, versatile, and curious person, and she loves learning about new ways of life.

In 2013, Alexandra opened Mendocino Pilates with the desire to create an intimate boutique studio where people felt loved, supported, and empowered to learn and grow their exercise practice.

She has come to believe when a person comes to her, whether it’s to prevent injury, recover from injury, or simply get a mindful workout, their underlying motivation is related to self-esteem. Her background in various holistic practices and exercise methods is calling for a new environment. With the studio Santé, Alexandra facilitates strong self-esteem and true health in all of her clients. She wishes for a place where she can teach more from a holistic perspective, rather than just exercise. She wishes to inspire a lifestyle.